When it comes to revising for exams, good intentions aren’t always enough. Effective preparation requires organisation and self-discipline…

The Easter Revision Week, run by Iwerne Holidays, aims to provide the structure and supervision that makes study rewarding and enjoyable. It is intended for those working towards GCSE, AS, A2 and IB exams. Each student will meet daily with a personal tutor to discuss plans and progress. 

A number of experienced independent school teachers will be present to give guidance with exam and study techniques, and to offer tuition in most main subjects. While we are able to cover the majority of mainstream subjects, and try to cover as many as possible, we may not be able to offer tuition in all exam subjects, dependant on the availability and specialisms of our volunteers and teachers.

Regular breaks are built into the programme.  Every afternoon a range of sports and activities will be offered.  In addition, there will be plenty of free-time in the evenings to make friends and chat with fellow students and tutors.

The aim of Iwerne Holidays is to encourage Christian character and values.  Each day ends with an informal meeting, including a short talk looking into aspects of the Christian faith and its relevance to everyday life.

Please see bottom of this page for information on dates, location and prices. 

A day at the Easter Revision Course may look like this:

8.40 Tutor Group

9.00 Revision Session One

9.45 Revision Session Two

10.30 Mid-Morning Break

11.00 Revision Session Three

11.45 Revision Session Four

12.15 Revision Session Five

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Afternoon Activities or Private Study

4.00 Tea

4.30 Revision Session Six

5.15 Revision Session Seven

6.00 Free time or Revision

6.45 Supper

7.30 Evening Meeting

8.30 Evening Entertainment

9.15 Hot Chocolate

9.45 Room Group Time

10.30 Lights out 

The first afternoon features a study skills seminar, explaining the skills necessary for really effective exam preparation and performance. 

We will be at a boarding school in Suffolk in 2020 between 29th March – 4th April. Brochures will be produced in October, and will then be available on request. Applications will open online at 9am on 11th November.

The cost of the week is £465 inclusive of full board and activities. We are unable to accept bookings for only part of the week.