Part of the experience of coming to Iwerne is the chance to explore what you think about the Christian faith and its relevance for today.

Each morning and evening there’s an informal meeting which includes a talk exploring the central themes of Christianity. These talks are short, engaging and assume no prior knowledge!

We seek to foster a warm and friendly atmosphere, in which every individual is cared for and made to feel valued. Each young person is part of a small group with two or three leaders responsible for looking after them. Within these groups, they have the opportunity to ask questions, share their own views and discuss what they have learned. We recognise that young people come from a range of different backgrounds and faiths, and some have no faith background. All are welcomed and respected.

Once young people leave school, they can return to Iwerne to help out in practical ways as a ‘Scamper’. Some then go on to serve as leaders. We see this as a way of developing their leadership gifts and preparing them for life and service of others in the adult world.

Many have expressed their appreciation for the Christian aspect of the holidays. We enjoy the warm support and recommendation of many parents, teachers and others.

A nine-day summer holiday at Iwerne can fulfil the residential requirement of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Iwerne is part of the Titus Trust, a non-denominational Christian charity. The Titus Trust seeks to support Christian teachers and pupils in independent schools in England and Wales. It divides its work into four groups – Gloddaeth Holidays, Iwerne & Forres Holidays, Lymington Rushmore Holidays and LDN Holidays.