The Evening Meeting

As well as providing an excellent and enjoyable holiday experience, the aim of Iwerne Holidays is to encourage Christian character and values and to develop leadership potential in the young people who attend.

To this end, we run a wide range of activities catering for different tastes but also allowing teenagers to try out unfamiliar challenges in a safe and supportive environment – be that tackling a High Ropes course or visiting a National Trust property. We also hold an informal meeting each morning and evening which includes a short talk exploring the central themes of the Christian faith and their relevance to everyday life. 

We seek to foster a warm and friendly atmosphere, in which every individual is cared for and made to feel valued. Each young person is part of a small group with two or three leaders responsible for looking after them. 

Once young people leave school, they are encouraged to return to Iwerne to help out in practical ways as a ‘Scamper’. Some then go on to serve as leaders. We see this as part of the way that we develop their leadership gifts and prepare them for life and service of others in the adult world.

Many have expressed their appreciation for the Christian aspect of the holidays. We enjoy the warm support and recommendation of many parents, teachers and others.

A nine-day summer holiday at Iwerne can fulfil the residential requirement for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.